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Eye in the Sky, Run or Duck and Cover

25 Jul , 2018  

Eye in the sky, Run or Duck and Cover Yes, there’s big brother’s eye in the sky, run or duck and cover. What will you do? We were testing our camera and by some coincidence we had this copter doing some hovering near our place. We trained the lens toward the sky and let it […]

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In Motion, nuBLOGGER

I broke my Sony handycam

22 Jul , 2018  

Do you have this feeling of not letting go of things you have or own, even if it is already broken? I am having a separation anxiety over my Sony Handycam CX100 which stopped working recently. I broke my Sony handycam. O, another one bites the dust. Welcome friends to Cbanga360 inMotion Channel. I will […]

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