Yet again, President Duterte has an important message to the CPP-NPA

President Duterte has an important message to the CPP-NPA

During his visit at the wake of killed in action soldiers at Naval Forces Northern Mindanao in Davao City on August 7, 2016, President Duterte faced the camera, again and sent a very candid and straightforward message to the Communist Party of the Philippines and apparently to its military arm, the New People’s Army.

Watch the full video here:

And here is the transcribed speech of the President, courtesy of PNA:

I would like to address myself to the Communist Party of the Philippines.

I would like to talk to you about the rules of war. Kasi po if it is to your advantage, and I’ve been around in government for the last 40 years, you are the very first to cry foul when something goes wrong even in the handling of prisoners. Marami pong sundalo na idinemanda ninyo under the Geneva Convention in the handling of prisoners. But one of the important, and may be a very humane provision, iyang binabawal po iyong landmine. I cannot understand for the life of me that if it is to your advantage, you invoke the Geneva Convention provisions. And yet, time and again, I’ve been the mayor of the city sinabi ko sa inyo, akala ko ba sumusunod tayo sa Geneva Convention? Or would you like that I would also order the Armed Forces na gamitin ninyo ang landmine pag kayo ang naka-posisyon at in-ambush ninyo – which is which?

It cannot be a different rule for you and a different rule for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the police. Or would you rather na tabla tayo na sabihin ko sa kanila start using the landmines for offensive or defensive purposes?

We’re having talks, you better decide now – tonight – nandito ako sa Davao. You may hear it maybe or if it is there – decide now. Gagamit ba tayo ng landmine? Kasi kung gagamit tayo I will order the Armed Forces to prepare the explosives also, iyong ordnance, para tabla. Eh bakit iyong sundalo lang ng gobyerno ang magdusa nito? Lahat tayo. I can understand. Iyong prinsipyo mo – prinsipyo mo – fine.

We’ve been at war for almost 45 years. That’s why I’m pleading to everybody including the Communist Party of the Philippines to continue with the peace talks. I have kept my silence despite the ranting of Sison. Hindi na ako… kasi kung mayor lang ako pwede – pwede talaga – but then I carry the burden of a nation and so I just have to control my mouth. But this cannot go on. This crazy thing about just the landmine, ito nag-buk iyong mukha nawala na. And this has been going on for 45 years.

Anong naibigay ninyo sa Pilipinas actually? You cannot even hold a barangay. Influence? Yes. Why? Patayan eh. Kayo lang naman ang abante diyan – because you hold the gun. Alisin mo sa atin lahat iyong baril, titingnan natin, karate na lang. Aba’y exasperated ako sa… you must decide now. Because if I hear another explosion that would kill the civilians and the soldiers – sometimes sumasakay sa truck, anak ng… may pamilya iyan. When you blow up an Army truck, alam mo iyang mga sibilyan na iyan, hindi iyan sibilyan – mga pamilya iyan umuuwi doon sa kampo. Because they’re human beings and the practice really is to bring the family within the camp vicinity or parameters.

Nasasaktan rin ako para sa inyo. Kayong mga komunista dito sa Davao, kung mamatay kayo, sino pumupunta doon sa punerarya? Ako. Big-time leaders ninyo pinayagan kong ilibing dito. These guys were sad but I told them that, you know, we are in government. Wala tayong magawa eh. We cannot exhibit the same behavior because dala-dala natin iyong gobyerno. Wala tayong magawa. Then in pursuing a quest for peace I have to do it I told them. Do not be angry at me because, you know, it would just really worsen.

Ngayon pag ganito, if the talks failed, meron tayong usapan – I would insist you include the landmine issues or else no talks at all. Then we fight for another 45 years. Walang problema. Mag-recruit ako ng isang milyong Pilipino – fight.

In the 45 years, anong nakita ninyo sa pamilya ninyo? Nakita mo iyong anak ninyong lumaki? Have you elected a single leader here in Davao. Manalo lang kasi na-ticket. And yet I carry ba yan, kasi pareho ang damdamin natin.

The problem is arms struggle. I can be a communist party member but I will never go to war. Iyang armadong pakig bisug ang problema. No, I’m not trying to understand me. I’m saying now. Stop the landmines o you tell the leaders at itong gobyerno ko – get out from the talks. Alam mo bakit? I am now invoking the Geneva Conventions. It is part of the international law not only of the Philippines but around the world. Either you stop it or we stop talking. Fight na lang – another 45 years.

Ba’t makababa ba kayo kung mamatay ang tatay mo, nanay mo? Kayo ba pag birthday ng mga anak ninyo nakakababa kayo doon sa ano…? Is that the life that you really need? Iyong mga lider ninyo hindi naman nananalo. So anong gusto ninyo? Either you stop it now or I’m ordering the government panel to come home. Actually iyong gastos nila di ibigay ko na lang sa sundalo. Sige bili kayo ng isang barkong explosives diyan, paputukin natin itong…

I’m not pleading this time. That’s an ultimatum.

I hear another explosion killing people, not only soldiers, killing people – no talks. Pasensya na. ‘adre, iyan talaga ang buhay. Kung hindi kayo magkaintindihan, e di good. Hindi naman nauubusan ng pera ang gobyerno, hindi naman talaga ninyo kayang tumbahin – bukas.

The Defense Department is asking for 20 more thousand troops. Tiningnan ko iyong budget, wala akong pera. Pero iyan ang gusto ninyo, ibigay ko sa Defense Department iyang gusto na additional 20,000. Huwag na iyong mga pagkain, iyang medisina – huwag na iyan. Dito muna sundalo kasi may giyera tayo, for peace. Ikansela mo iyan. We sacrifice the hungry and the poor para may panlaban tayo. Patayan. Iyan ang gusto ninyo, di sige. Hindi naman ako mahirap kausapin eh. Pag iyan ang gusto mo, God.

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