Watch Pep talk, Dear small YouTube creators like Us

This is like a pep talk for me (or, us) and anyone who might feel the same or in the same situation (instance).

“Dear small Youtube creators, like Us!

This is to assure myself and anyone of similar situation that we belong to a strong unorganized club that can weild power when working as one.

As I see it, it seems we are being pushed back in a massive wall ( by someone with a huge hand ) trying to pin and immobilize us.

(This is the transcript of our video cross posted on Cbanga360 YouTube Channel and NOAH (News One and Half Channel. Fast Fact: this is the first time I faced the camera for the full duration of the video. Am really afraid and too “shy” for this full episode. But it is necessary. A good practice though. I am still getting the hang in using the new USB microphone. This early, we like to acknowledge (mea culpa) we came short of getting a good record of the audio. Still need more practice, though. Plus a minor lapse in editing the video with blank frames showing. A related post about the USB microphone will post soon.)

Below paragraph only on the Cbanga360 version
[Although some may have received some form of earnings on their channel already, so far I haven’t got one as mine is still filling the cup with crumbs and it will take eons to fully fill it with pennies.]

Below 1st paragraph only on the NOAH version
[Although some may have received some form of earnings on their channel already, so far mine is just set up a few months ago so I don’t forsee that to happen anytime soon.]

What we can do is support each other in our most humble and efficient way, for the most immediate moment.

Let us continue improving our craft. We can strive to create better content, challenge ourselves and continue to push and believe that we can do it!

We all know too well the current youtube stars all began as small creators themselves.
Between us and them is that they were lucky enough to have started their channel early in the game and now reap the fruits of their endeavor. Which is fine and well. Many even have become and continue to be role models in their craft. I do not have good words for those who are doing differently.

The good role models I have nothing to say but thank you for being there. In fact I have subscribed to some big ones and continuously watch their content.

They might be big names in the YT ecosystem already, but our number is overwhelming. That is the plus side if we have to be thinking positive and looking forward.

There is no way to backtrack but instead push ourselves to be better, do better, go a notch higher than what we are today.

There is always the positive side to the current challenge that is confronting us. And challenge is accepted.

So we go ahead, march forward without looking back. The goal is to support each other and nothing more. We look after each other with a strong sense of belongingness for we all have one specific goal, get more subscribers and succeed.

Let’s do this! For always. Let our ideas and voices be heared. Let our craft blossom. Let the power of our voice and strength that lies in our fingertips (?), lips (ha, ha, ha?) and output videos bloom like the thousands of flowers in a field that is always in the season of spring.

We can not dominate the field. But at least, we can co-exist in the ecosystem with the right attitude and approach.

There is always hope and an unlimited space for cooperation and unity.

Dear small Youtube creators,

We are ready and we are one. We are not alone. Together we shall overcome.”

Watch the Cbanga360 version on this link HERE.

Or, below:

Tech Details of Video “Dear Small Youtube Creators Like Me – CBANGA360 Version
4K Video: Streams (dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!) in stereoscopic H264 at 3840 x 2160 at 22,000 kbits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec
Audio: MPEG4 at 16 bits @ 48 KHZ
Duration: 3:44:29 minutes
Total frames: 6,743

Watch the NOAH version on this link HERE.

Or, watch below:

Tech Details of Video “Dear Small Youtube Creators Like Me -NOAH Version”

1080P Video: Streams (depending on viewer internet conection and gadget capability) in stereoscopic H264 at 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec
Audio: MPEG4 at 16bits @ 48 KHZ
Duration: 3:40:12 minutes


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