Watch: Cliffhanger warning on demonetization from Google Adsense

Email Warns Cbanga360 website on the precipice of Google Adsense demonetization, if.

Email Warns Cbanga360 website on the precipice of Google Adsense demonetization, if.

Youtube content creators are alarmed with many take down notices, actual deletion of videos, suspension of accounts and deletion of accounts lately.

We thought we are on the safe side for even up to now, our newest Youtube channel NOAH- News One and Half is still quite on hold with all the admin planning for its content.

Except for a few start-up videos, nothing much to worry about its content. While the first channel of Cbanga360 Video is already monetized despite a very small count of followers coming in. That was our assumption.

Then came this email notice from Google Adsense about some content posted on the website. We were totally not expecting the warning.

In the precipice of demonetization. Website Cbanga360.Net receives warning from Google Adsense on content posted covering the Mindanao Mamasapano tragic incidents, as a direct example, and anything that will show “violent content” like (1) Breaking bones, (2) Getting hit by trains or cars, (3) People receiving serious injuries, or, (4) News about freak or tragic accidents.

It would seem that not only Youtube creators, the small and struggling independent creators, are under the magnifying lense of Google and Youtube, but also those publishing content on websites like, but only if they run ads from Google Adsense.

And since we want to run Google ads, there is no question about it.

Our review will focus more on posts about disaster coverage, like the one on Super Typhon Yolanda. More content about the typhoon and dozens more under the topic/categories of Weather, Weather Stories and Environment are placed under intense review. Some of the embedded videos were actually published and made by independent and media content creators.

So this is keeping us busy with backtracking of all contents either doing re-edit, like on some articles, or simply unpublishing them as the quickest response to follow the adsense guidelines.

How do you tell a complete and compelling story when you can not show the photos, or videos or compose the words into paragraphs without mentioning the effects and aftermaths of the event.

I guess, the internet police wants us to tell only stories about the good weather, video games, people strolling lazily on the park or the migrating birds.

Watch the video Cbanga360 Youtube channel at: Cliffhanger warning on demonetization from Google Adsense.

Or better yet, below:


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