Watch I am a small Youtube creator, my channel will be demonetized

I am a small youtube creator. So little to be noticed. Just a handful of visitors view my videos yet I count and treasure them, always. If I find one viewer suddenly left a comment, I would immediately drop a reply. It gives me excitement.

If on a day, one or two fellow Youtuber presses the subscribe button and registers an addition to the count on the topside of my channel, it gives me a boost to hang on. It offers me a ray of hope. There is always hope. And it is worth waiting for. The subs and the clicks.

I always feel that certain joy even if I don’t get any ad revenue far longer than I have stayed maintaining this channel.

With the strong possibility that it will get demonetized, I am not bothered at all. Have I got earnings already? None yet. So why worry?

I would need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views at least for the past twelve months. I checked my stats, my views are in the comfortable level of over 6,000 plus watched hours already. But I am only halfway of the thousand subs that is needed.

I look out of the window and stare at the telecom towers two miles up on a hill ahead.

I do not need to jump over the window to get to the towers. I’m risking my life that way. Am I stupid? One Youtube creator said it is too risky to swap subs just to reach the minimum thousand subs. Youtube will do another cleaning and find out about the swap subs. It may not translate to more views in the end. It could even end the channel with the manual review.

The towers location is my goal. I may have to go down the stairway and walk my way down the road and drive uphill to the towers. That is a good plan. So, I will continue to make my videos anyway, one day at a time. And one day, I will attain the required subs and it will be a glorious day. I will celebrate!

If you are watching this video, then you registered in my analytics view count. That means you made my heart beat double time. Alas, somebody watched and listened to me.

And if you subscribed, you are making my day far better with a ray of hope and sunshine.

Before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe. In that way I would know where you came from and that gives me the compelling reason to check on you.

Watch the full video campaign on this link HERE.

Or, just below:


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