Exposed: Philippine lawmakers who voted for P1,000 budget for the Human Rights Commission

One week after the Philippine’s House of Representatives voted to give the Human Rights Commission a P1,000-peso annual budget for fiscal year 2018, do you still have appetite left for that talk.

Check out the list of 32 Philippine lawmakers who opposed and voted against the passage of a measly P1,000 budget for 2018. Get familiar with the faces of congressmen who kowtow to the wishes of President Rodrigo Duterte wanting to abolish the Human Rights Commission.

Before the deliberation of the CHR budget, the house conducted a roll call of its members. Out of a total of 236 members present, 119 voted to cut the CHR budget to P1,000 and 85 others abstained.

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The 85 abstainers belong to the group that: either went to the bathroom to hide, stayed on their seats eating empanada, fondling their cellphones, pretending to talk to their lawmaker-seatmate, pretending not to hear the call for the vote, are not aware they are attending the hearing for the CHR budget, do not want to get the ire of the speaker, want to stay in good standing in the eyes of President Rodrigo Duterte, etc.

Here we show the faces of these representatives and you have the chance to identify them. Watch the video on our Cbanga360 Youtube channel here: Exposed: Philippine lawmakers who voted for P1,000 2018 budget of the Human Rights Commission.

Or, watch it here, below:


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