How I clean & wash my fruits and vegetables

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 3, Video 3:

Rush transcript:

Hello, this is Danton here.

I am gonna show how I clean my vegetables and fruits.

After buying the item or items from the supermarket, palengke or fruit and vegetable stands I do not just stash them on the table ready for consumption or store on the ref immediately.

So now, what I do, I wash and clean it first. Here we have some fruits and tomatoes ready for washing for the purpose of this demo.

I am using a local commercial vinegar, this one has 4.5% acidity.

I would pour contents on a plastic basin enough what I can use to wash the fruits and veggies. But I don’t take that long to wash while scrubbing the fruit if applicable.

I am aware that fruits and veggies before hitting the stands or stores have undergone some process of preservation, including the application of chemicals to lengthen the shelf life. And in public palengke, vendors still embalm the fruits and vegetables I have seen some sprinkle something on the fruits. Others are packed with traces of soil and perhaps the last spray of pesticide before the harvest was done. All these I attempt to get rid of.

Fruits and veggies look fresh and hard to the feel while in the stands even if they had been there for days of the week.

That should make it, then wash it again with water to remove the vinegar.

All raw foods and fruits I use in making smoothies and juices undergo the same cleaning process. As I go along making the videos I would be referring to these procedure from time to time.

And we’re done!

I will post a separate article as rejoinder on this video post. Thanks for watching



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