This is the easy way of planting Cherry Tomato seedlings on pots

I’m working on my vegetable pots today..

Just to make a quick recall I filled four pots with potting soil mixed shown on our previous video here.

I set aside those pots for few days and waited and made sure if the mix will really retain moisture content.

With the waiting over this is just the right time to transplant my tomato seedlings.

More than two weeks ago I planted eight cherry tomato seeds. Six seedlings were first to show up which is good enough. But to my surprise, Two more seedlings began to show up much later which means I was able to grow 100 per cent of my seeds.

Since I have prepared four pots, I will transplant two seedlings on each pot. I will not move anymore the last two late growing seedlings which leaves one extra pot for future project.

I woke up early this morning so that there is no glaring sunlight recording this video. And I’m working on the front yard so it is really much cooler under the shade.

At first I planned to include footage of some plants around but on the second thought, it will make the video longer. Maybe some other time.

Those other green things growing with the tomato seedlings are actually mint plants. I did not plant them purposely. When I made the first batch of potting mix few weeks ago, I replanted the only pot of my overcrowded mint plant.

It’s really better planting or replanting under the shade.

The potting mix is soft and moist but not too moist which I think is just good enough for my cherry tomato seedlings.

About the mint plant, I missed to take photos of the mint roots which I could have shown here. It was a ball of roots and soil already.

I chopped the mint roots and included it when I mixed the potting soil.

I did not expect that the chopped roots will grow into tiny new mint plants and now sprouting on some of the potted plants.

Anyway, I can just pull the tiny growing mints as already I have one pot.

The mint is a magnet for pesky green worm which feast on the soft green leaves.

That is why I usually inspect daily the mint leaves and other potted plants as worms devour young leaves quick.

Come to think of it I have no idea where the worms came from though.

I knew something is happening when I see holes on the leaves and also see the presence of droppings on top.

It is a sign there is a worm or worms somewhere eating the leaves. And today, I found two.

I now spray the leaves with water mixed with a little amount of mild washing detergent. It is effective for me.

Now that I’m done transplanting the cherry tomato, I will just have to wait for them to grow If i’m lucky enough I would be able to see some real cherry tomatoes soon. It should be worth the wait.

I do have some more projects to show.

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