Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom. This angiosperm in the family of Cactodeae, specifically in the genus Echinopsis, was first nortured starting with just one tiny “bulb”.

Easy to grow with no special care, and handling involved, the plant needs less watering, and grows better alternately under the sun, and under the shade.

The original “bulb” spawned into a huge cluster, but for reason(s) unknown, the plant began to wilt and dry up.

Fortunately, we managed to salvage one (small bulb) and replanted on a different potting soil. Two years after, today, again in robust growth and a healthy bundle of cactus, start sprouting flowers for the first time to our delight.

Been waiting for the early sprouts to bloom fully as we were curious. The flowers do not exude any fragrance at all. Yet it is enough that they are dainty and beautiful.

Each flower opens up in the morning and closes in the evening. Then opens up in the next day and closes for its final show. At the most, we have observed that each flower is only good for about two days.

Pardon us, we have to express the delight with an extended video of this star attraction,, having waited long enough, even when it stole the show only for a few days.

It was worth the long wait and patience. This post is also our way of saying Happy Mothers Day.


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