Watch a close encounter with a squirrel in 4K

This is a first for our YouTube channel at posting video in 4K – “A Close Encounter with a Squirrel in 4K.”

A chance encounter with this happy, inquisitive and quite reluctant star of our video proved productive.

It all happened last week when we accompanied a fellow YouTuber at filming.ilming his stunt in a park. While waiting near the pond, this quirky animal seems wanting to strike a fleeting conversation about his difficulty in finding his acorns.

Not once but more than enough did he approached us so we turned around to catch his cavorting stunts.

As a first practice of producing the first 4K video ever, no graphics enhancement and retouch was made. So presented here, is all natural color of the environment.

Watch the video on our channel on the link HERE.

Appreciate receiving from our viewers any feedback on this first effort.


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