Behind “Free as the Birds” was a filming and learning experience

Free as the Birds was a filming and learning experience on our part.

We are finally publishing here and posting on our Youtube channel the short assembly of video clips which otherwise were just saved on the (removable) hard drive for some time now.

The footages were taken for the sake of posterity. A common, “automatic” reaction for one who come, visit a place for the first time and may not have a second chance to revisit the location.

The conservation and nature park where some footages were taken, is a nesting place for migratory birds. It was really windy that time I was totally unprepared, just popped out the camera and started filming here and there without the benefit of a tripod.

Fast forward and many eons now, and faced with editing of the clips, it gave us the clear idea (I’m so amateur) that the wind will have some ‘devastating” effect on the sound quality of the video. (Nah!) Next time, if ever, we are presented with the same opportunity, we will be prepared.

But for now, forgive us for that shaky, unsteady frames and (wind) noise. Even while we want to preserve the natural sound of birds chirping, the (recorded) wind rush is annoyng to the max.

Check out the video on our Youtube Channel at Cbanga360 on this link, HERE.

Or, watch below:


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