Pickled Chayote, Alternative to unripe Papaya for perfect Atchara

This is how we make pickled Sayote or atcharang Chayote. The quick transcript of our video on “How to pickle a Chayote or Sayote (Atcharang Sayote).”

While we are used to making unripe papaya as atchara, we present an excellent alternative replacement, here.

Welcome to our channel and this is Danton.

This is a busy day with all the members of the family around during this filming. So please bear with the unnecessary sound not related to our video.

But noise aside, I am happy in sharing the home made recipe of Pickled or Atcharang Chayote. Our guest here is Aida, will show us the process.

The ingredients earlier were washed and peeled.

Cut the carrot in short pieces then slice in strips. For presentation, remove part of the sides lengthwise which will enable crafting of some shape and design.

We use red bellpeppers to add more color to the mix. As with the carrot, cut the bell pepper into strips or again, be creative and cut different shapes, too.

Atchara is a side dish served to complement either fried, grilled or roasted food like fish, pork or chicken.

Next, slice ginger and garlic into fine strips, then set aside.

Now once done with some of the ingredients, start shredding Chayote. The green vegetable earlier has been peeled and cut in half with the seed already removed. We are using about seven halves of chayote.

Our objective here is to get fine, short strips of the green vegetable.

As for the shredder, you can grab one from a convenience store.

Or, you may opt to make one by repurposing an empty can of evaporated milk, cut it open and flatten out. Punch holes on the side with medium sized nail. Just be careful because the sharp edge can cause minor cuts on the fingers when shredding.

Back to shredding, once done, mix and mash Chayote with salt between two to four minutes. Cover and set it aside.

Preheat a small aluminum pot, place the vinegar, then add sugar and later the peppercorn. Stir the mixture for a while.

Now Aida starts draining the Chayote of its juice. We suggest using cheesecloth which make the task easier. Then set aside the drained strips.

A quick look at the vinegar here. The vinegar is now simmering.

Wash the raisin and soak it on water for a while, then drain and set aside.

Aida transfers the drained sayote to a glass bowl for the next step.

Back at the vinegar, stir the mixture and let it cool down.

Ooops, almost forgot to slice the onions, which follows next.

Aida starts mixing the drained chayote strips adding one at a time julienned onion, red pepper, garlic, ginger and carrot. Add the raisins too.

Lastly, pour the still warm vinegar on the chayote mix.

We suggest using a bigger bowl next time and maybe a wooden spoon will make good use in mixing, too.

Don’t forget to add the powdered garlic and salt while making sure all ingredients are evenly mixed..

Now we are ready to transfer the atchara on to the bottle.

Remember the carrots cut in shape? Place it on the side of the bottle before pouring the finished mixture.

If there are more extra julienned onion, carrot and pepper, use it as topping before sealing the bottle.

Refrigerate the pickled chayote. It is guaranted to last until it is fully consumed.

We hope you get some insights on how to pickle a chayote. If you make one, please come back and let us know and share your experience.

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Our ingredients of Atcharang Sayote:

Chayote, 4 to 5 pieces medium, shredded
Garlic, 1/2 clove, diced
Onion, Medium, Use 1/2 only (if preferred, use whole), diced
Carrot, 2 pieces, medium, julienned
Ginger, diced
Blackpepper (whole peppercorn), 1 tablespoon
Sugar, 1/4 cup (Or to desired taste)
Raisin, 1/4 cup
Vinegar (white), 1 cup to 1 & 1/4 cups
Salt and Pepper (powderized), 1 tablespoon (or to desired taste)
Salt, 1 tablespoon (use for mixing and mashing the shredded Chayote)

You will also need:
A shredder for Chayote
A small bottle to save the pickled Chayote

We hope you get some insights on how to pickle a chayote. If you make one, please come back and let us know and share your experience.

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