Watch a PAL Plane Takes Off from Legazpi Airport


Just uploaded an extended video of a Philippine Airlines plane taking off from Legazpi airport as viewed from the upper side of Ligñon hill. The unobstructed view was a welcome opportunity but somehow dampened by a cloudy sky. Still it was worth it.

While the native sound was toned down a bit, the strong howling wind on the Ligñon side and the aircraft jet engine are very recognizable. Also, don’t mind the mumbling voices of our group. On this video project, we prevailed from using any music even if it was so tempting to embed one.

Sometime last week, had to pull uploaded videos and documentaries with background music due to YouTube’s strict adherence on copyright enforcement.

Even the short movie on the Green and Leafy Sea Dragon was pushed for a re-edit with this one, re-titled The Lullaby of the Weedy Sea Dragon now with a horrible music from our fingertips. Well, the only way to watch a Youtube video like the one we have is to put on your IPOD, or MP3 player while watching the video! Good enough?

By some coincidence, the usual sound/video/dvd authoring program installed on a new notebook was disabled by the Microsoft operating system due to missing digital signature while previously was working! All other desktops and a notebook with the same program (Roxio) were working alright on Windows XP. W7 is not as tolerant. Windows says it has to be totally a X64-based PC program, meaning, the need to upgrade to a compatible and newer product version.

Instead of buying an upgrade, we opted for a different one, the Pinnacle Studio 16. Guess what, both programs are products released by the same company!

Expect more uploads are coming your way as we scour our library which could be old and dated yet worth a second look.


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