Making of the “Making of Fresh Coconut Milk”

This is sort of the behind the scene notes during the shoot of the “Making of Fresh Coconut Milk.”

We were supposed to help in the kitchen chore that day. But it did not came out that way.

When the family said we were up to cook vegetable and it will need some coconut as ingredient, that made us think otherwise.

We coached our brother Benny to do the whole process, (the whole enchilada, they would say), of preparing, making the coconut milk.

Without the benefit of proper lighting and props we are used to when we do shoots, still we carried on.

Then there were the constant small talks and comments, we thought were not necessary to capture and record, from the family members which included our Aunt Lina, sis in law Emily and another brother, Bob.

This is not to forget that there was the unannounced power interruption, thank you, Casureco II, the service provider of the area.

Thankfully, we had the camera battery fully charged, always.

But while we documented the scenes in HD, because of the kitchen clutter (artifacts), the raw video had to have much scene edits and crops. Sound was toned down, but if you use a headphone and max the volume, you will still hear some, which we didn’t mind, to preserve somehow for posterity sake.

Anyway, the end film product is what we present on this Making Fresh Coconut Milk video post on Cbanga360 Youtube channel. By the way, and by coincidence, this is just in time for celebration of our having reached a milestone, with almost 170 subscribers and counting. Whew! (Ed’s Note- Updated YouTube title of video to How to Make Fresh Coconut Milk,Ultra Fresh and Natural for SEO.

About the process of making fresh coconut milk (Howto make coconut milk) ? It was not that hard. Just make sure to buy guaranteed fresh and newly husked coconut from your local market. Benny was heard making comment that the coconut may not be that good, but turned out the (inside) meat was still very good, though.

Be sure you have a (manual) grater at home, if not have it done at the market. In Calabanga downtown public market, there are several stores selling coconut and are too happy to grate the meat as part of the price yet.

By the way, the video will be the anchor reference each time we present cooking ‘excursion” when coconut milk is part of the recipe.

Up and coming soon will be the video on why we had the coconut milk in the first place. It will be next.

Guess what was cooked that day?

Updated to include below notes by the editor on July 27, 2017:

[Editor’s Note: For consumers who can not reach out for fresh, whole coconuts, and instead grab in supermarkets frozen desiccated coconut, check out the ingredients because some come with preservatives for shelf life longevity already.

Coconut creams can also be purchased readily available on cans. The canned product include ingredients such as citric acid and sodium metabisulfite preservative. The latter may cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to sulfites, including respiratory reactions in asthmatics, anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Just be aware. TY.]


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