Watch How I Make Almond Milk

Road to Raw Food(s) Episode 9. Video 8

Watch this video as Road to Raw Food shares how to make a homemade, healthy and non-animal sourced, plant-based Almond milk.

Procedure and Recipe:

Thoroughly wash 1/2 cup of Almond. Soak overnight.

Using any blender, place the soaked 1/2 cup of almond on the blender. Add 2 cups of water. (If thick milk is desired, reduce the quantity of water).

Blend for 30 seconds on a Vitamix blender, or 2 minutes or more until the milky consistency is attained using a regular blender.

Separate milk from the pulp by using cloth strainer.

2014_0628_almond milk
Keep milk on a covered bottle or consume by adding Agave nectar or honey as sweetener.

Do not discard the Almond pulp. Keep on a covered container and chill on ref. It can be added on fruit and vegetable smoothie. Milk may last for five days without preservative.

Almond is a rich source of Vitamin E, including dietary fiber, B vitamins, essential minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium.


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