Watch Video The Fury of Mayon Volcano

Mt. Mayon in the province of Albay, in the Philippines is again rumbling. And that restlessness has been going on for sometime now. The ultra active strato volcano in the region of Bicol is living up to its reputation.

The mountain towers with the height of 2,463 meters or 8,081 ft.

Some folks say the dragon in the belly of the volcano is ready to show its furious explosion even as it has been spewing smoke and ashes already.

Molten and hot magma flows in one of its gully as observed and captured by netizens. Big and small rocks are also being spewed out from the mouth of the volcano.

Residents living around and in the vicinity of the mountain are on their toes day and night.

editor’s note: The original video embedded on this post titled “The fury of Mt. Mayon- Beauty in the Beast” was flagged by YouTube for content that is inappropriate for advertisers. The video underwent the process of two edits and new title. So, we are going ahead with this post despite the video being flagged twice!! Internet censorship working very hard!. And also against small YT creators.

Thanks to the vigilance of the Phivolcs, the government agency tasked to monitor the activity of the volcano. The agency releases periodic bulletin update about the current state of volcanic activity.

Here we share clips and stills of the restless Mayon in varius stages, close ups of the crater, with the flowing magma. Other stills also show the smoke bellowing on its crater.

The ash being spewed by the volcano would envelope the covered established danger zones. When on top of its game, Mayon would make the areas affected dark with its ashes and turn visibility even on the road to zero.

Many times, construction workers near the area had to cower in fear as the flying rocks pass by overhead.

The Mayon eruption is totally disrupting the lives of the residents, as evacuation is the primary focus of local governments As the restless Mayon continue with its threat, the 9 km danger zone is threatened already, inmates from the Camalig town in Albay were evacuated to Legzpi city jail, and so with inmates from Guinabatan and Sto. Domingo towns.

Local businesses are also affected. Airline flights to and from the city of Legazpi are being cancelled. Even the airport for the city of Naga in Pili town of Camarines Sur province cancels flights to and from Manila and Naga.

Suspension of regular class schedules in many areas are also imposed.

As the most marginalized residents are affected, they fear for their lives and safety. They also worry about their livestock and property which runs in the direct way of destruction.

What is ironic during Mayon’s life threatening activity, and display of its destructive capability is that, tourists both local and foreign, flock to the city of Legazpi and neighboring towns to witness the fury of Mayon. It has alway been that way, and there is no sign the inflow of tourists will change.

The periodic Mayon eruption paved the way for the transfer of the current city airport from near the slopes of the volcano to the village in Alobo, in Daraga town of Albay.

The new airport, now identified as the Bicol International airport geared to serve the Bicol region, not only for the immediate provinces of Albay and Sorsogon, is still under construction. It is being marred with delays and errors in building and site plans.

Mayon’s volcanic activity is a blessing in disguise. The international airport was finally established for the province of Albay instead of the original proposition to be in Camarines Sur. Previously, there was a plan to build the Bicol International Airport somewhere in Camarines Sur to replace the small aging Naga Pili airport.

According to the records of the Philippine Tourism agency, there are more tourisis recorded in Camarines Sur and Naga City as compared to Albay and Legazpi.

Observers wonder if the relocation of the airport from its current location will guarantee that the new one can operate safely even with the volcano in its fury. Consider how the airport in Naga is being affected by the Mayon eruption when it so far away already.

For the moment, we offer our thoughts and prayers for the safety of the people directly affected by disastrous activity of Mayon.

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