Latest Update on the Eight Cherry Tomato Plants

This is the latest, and maybe, the final update on the Cherry Tomato Plants

These are the eight cherry tomatoes four weeks after transplanting which I covered on an earlier video.

They have grown tall, some about four and one half feet already. The leaves looked green and healthy. Some have even flowers. I placed a support stand on one pot to prevent the plant from breaking.

I have to remove the growing mint plants on the pot where the last two seedlings remained. The mint plants are fast growers with its invasive roots. They have to go.

I thought I have to add chicken manure to boost the growth of the tomatoes so I added some. I am not so sure though if it will still help on the growth of the plants.

But while the cherry tomatoes seem to look healthy, I already see signs of blight on the lower leaves which is a bad sign. I also noticed some of the leaves has markings that resemble etchings or zigzag. I found the cause. Its the Leaf miners. Tiny, tiny black insects, the size of a pin head are consuming the leaves.

I have to spray the top and bottom of the leaves with water mixed with a small amount of distilled vinegar. And then rinse spray the leaves again with clear tap water.

This time of the year with the temperature cooling down, I can already see another problem. The tomatoes are getting less sunlight which could affect their growth and productivity.

Our front yard is obstructed that sunlight could not reach the plants. Only after twelve noon that I have to relocate the plants at the back, outside the garage. It is windy which is mostly bad for the leaves even as the plants can get some sunshine up to about 4:30 in the afternoon

Then, I have to bring the plants inside the house as outside temp is somewhat cooler already, if not chilly in the evening.

Inside the house, i positioned two incandescent lights for the plants to maintain a warmer temperature.

I do not expect the plants to bear fruit with the current situation though.

Anyway, while my hope has dampened on the prospect of seeing the tomatoes unproductive, I still placed support for all the plants.

This Cherry tomato potting experiment just gave me an insight I should have started planting sometime either on February or March. And should be one plant for one pot alone. On a new potting mixed soil. Will also make some research, too. That I will do next year.

Watch the video on our Cbanga360 Channel on Youtube on this link, HERE.

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