Video: President Aquino mumble words, jumble names of APEC leaders

smileredunhappyWatch President Aquino mumble words, jumble names of APEC leaders. Need no words to spin the story in here. Just watch the video and check it out.

I was wondering how President Aquino mis-pronounced names of his APEC co-leaders for all to hear and see. He has more than enough time to practice the pronounciation of Commonwealth of Australia, Bachelet, Obama, excellency, entrepreneurship, or U.S. (United States) pronounced as YOU ES not us like you and us, and many more.

In the first place, he was just reading the script and nothing else.

He was rushing in naming the heads of states yet took time looking for the name of the Indonesia vice-president.

The Philippines spent P10 billion for the most extravagant and pompous display of wealth the poor nation can show off to the whole world, including President Aquino’s not once but many times word-name mumbling-juggling. This despite the hardship that Metro Manilans have to endure in terms of freedom and access to travel during the duration of the summit that social media went abuzzed with the hashtag of #APECtado.


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