HOW TO: Pickle Jalapeno with Daikon, Carrots and Shisito Pepper

Sweet and Sour and Hot Jalapeno
Sweet, sour Hot and spicy Jalapeno Pepper with Carrots and Daikon and Shisito Pepper

Sharing the quick and easy experience on making a hot and spicy pickle out of Jalapeno (or any fresh green spicy pepper, if you may), Daikon (or radish) with Carrots and a hint of Shisito pepper (or Siling Labuyo for replacement).

Hi. Thanks for tuning in to this channel. I will show how I make a spicy hot mix of appetizer using Jalapeno, Daikon or Radish, Carrots and a dash of Shishito Pepper. Yesterday a made a batch on three containers shown on the sides, and on the center is the current batch. My family loves this kind of fresh pickled pepper which is ready for consumption as quickly as two hours after its preparation. And per experience, the pickles don’t last that long on the container.

So, common, join me here.

I have prepared and processed the vegies for easy presentation. I’m playing with a roughly, more or less, 1 cup ratio for the main ingredients here.

As I go along read the labels I have placed to identify the ingredients. I must vouch that all raw ingredients were properly and thoroughly washed already. And by mentioning this, I have an upcoming and updated video on how I remove unwanted residues, chemicals and pesticides on cooking vegetables and related raw ingredients.

I have here thirteen pieces of Jalapeno which roughly makes a full cup, when sliced crosswise. Remember not to remove the seeds as the hot and chili part resides more on the seeds. Besides, it was throughly washed, as I have mentioned already.

Like the Jalapeno, I cut the sishito pepper on a crosswise direction, too. And I retain the seeds, just the same.

One medium-sized brown onion will be sufficient for the mix. Cut the onion crosswise to make rings. It should be about half to three fourths of a cup.

For the carrot or carrots one medium sized root will be enough for one cup and sliced slightly off crosswise.

I have here what was the remaining part of Radish or Daikon from the other day’s pickling enough for this recipe. Cut into roughly 1 inch width and length and 1/4 inch thickness or close to that will be the most ideal.

I am also adding soy bean sauce, my preferred vinegar and a mixture of salt and garlic. I am skipping addition of fresh sliced garlic only for now but you can go ahead and add thinly sliced fresh garlic if you want.

On a pot, pour 2 and 1/4 to 2 and 1/2 cups of local vinegar and boil it for about one minute. Then set aside and let it cool.

Add one (1) teaspoon of GARLIC and SALT. Then one (1) teaspoon of crushed black pepper. Sugar follows, add between 1 1/2 to 2 table spoons.

Add 1 1/2 to 2 table spoons of soy sauce.

The resulting mixture must have a balanced taste to your liking, in the end. Not too salty, not too sweet, not too sour.

Stir the mixture thouroughly which by now must be cool enough.

I choose these container for keeping my Jalapeno pickles.

There is no secret on layering the ingredients. Just throw them on the bowl any which way and whichever of the ingredients will always be okay in the end. But also, presentation of the finished product as seen on the topmost layer of the bowl makes a good impression.

Once done with first layering, pour the vinegar mix on the bowl.

If there are more pcikling ingredients remaining, now is the time to place them all on the top.

I use a wooden baking spoon to top off the contents and make sure all can be reached by the vinegar mix.

This bowl I’m using is easy for safekeeping on the ref and fast enough to grab from. This pickle is geared to be finished in a few days. It is because, two hours after the pickles are done, it is good to go for consumption. As I have mentioned earlier, it should taste not too salty, not too sweet, not too sour. The desired result should bring out a good balanced tsste of these ingredients and an awesome hot and spiciness.

It is best to refrigerate the pickles right away. Its freshness and crispiness are locked in. And it is good to eat cool Jalapeno and carrot and Daikon pickles.

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