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Amang Hinulid and Shrine of Calabanga

Cbanga360.Net - The Bicol Street Journal

First Published         8 Jan , 2011      9:40 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

Above, and below, is a two-part documentary feature presentation about “Amang Hinulid” of Calabanga, Cam Sur, Philippines. The thesis of Bicol University College of Arts and Letters audio visual students naming their group Magic 8 Production. This was a candidate in 2007 for outstanding film production in the school. Presented by Cbanga360 Production in two parts.

Views and opinions expressed on the documentary by interviewees, the writers and editors of Magic 8 do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of

For more statistics and general information about the town of Calabanga, please read on these links:

*About Calabanga

*Where in the world is Calabanga

*A bird’s eye-view of Calabanga

As of this writing, Calabanga is a first class municipality with a population (2007 census) of 73,333.

Cbanga360.Net will publish a discussion about “Amang Hinulid” in its future issue.(

First Published         8 Jan , 2011      9:40 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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2 Responses

  1. aeinosante says:

    Nice blog. I am so glad that there’s a lot of bicolanos like us that is featuring our hometown and bicol in general in the world wide web.

  2. Jap Adupe says:

    Indeed. The more the merrier. Giving Bicolano netizens a wide range of choice as source of info, and more, among others.