About the video edit challenge on outfoxing the smoke man

About the video edit challenge “Outfoxing the Smoke Man”

Our material:
A video footage taken by HD surveillance camera.

Our video editing program:
Pinnacle Studio Pro

The goal:
Create an interesting short movie about the footage captured. Reduce the quality of the movie to mask the identity of the intruder. Place a blurred circle about the head of the subject using the official color of Cbanga360.net.

The text for audio:
Watch a stranger and intruder did something and got away with it!

This is an exclusive footage of a surveillance camera filming at neighborhood. The footage captured a very unlikely stranger, intruder.

It could have been an non event if the uninvited person was merely passing by.

The man entered the gate of the private compound and took a seat on the patio.

He really was an uninvited guest. More of an intruder!

He made himself comfortable. Feeling so comfy enough and rested his cigarette on the bench and reached out for something on his pocket.

What happened next was unexpected.

The stranger was unmindful that outside the gate was a very busy street. Kids and school children could just pop up anytime.

Our frustration:
The video was uploaded on Cbanga360 YouTube channel with the original title of “Watch stranger and intruder did something and got away with it!

Video was saved as “private” for a few minutes to give us time in finishing the side story on the website.

Returning to the video, YouTube has flagged it as inappropriate for some advertisers and was demonetized. And as a consolation, we were allowed to request for a manual review. But doing so would mean the video will stay in the backburner until YouTube has made its decision. We opted for a quick alternative.

We had to delete the uploaded video, re-edit, removed the narration commentary and changed the title. Then re-uploaded it afterwards.

Watch the full video on our Cbanga360 YouTube channel on this link.

The Background Music and Thanks:
Outfoxing the Fox by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0.

Or, below:


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