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Mga Daeng Palad, Duwang Gamgam na Riwariw

Garo na baga sinda mga aking bagong mundag, mayong sulot na bado mientras na nagduduyan sa higdaan sa padiit-diit na pagyugyog dara kan kalipungawan saka pagkaminootan. Luway-luway sa paghiro an saindang mga burles na lawas asin an pagiging saro kaini garo may sinusunod na ritmo asin kumpas. May numero. Haloy. […]

Ngonian Sana Ngonian / Now and Only Now by Jap Adupe

Ngonian Sana Ngonian / Now And Only Now By Jap Adupe Asin sinda magkaibahan kun kaya mientras an kamot kan relo nagpaypay, dai naheling, aram ninda mayo nanggad mangyayari sa saro na dai nangyari sa kaiba, na mayo nanggad na mangyayari sobra pa digde, na ini an gabos asin permi […]

Retrospect: Luis G. Dato on Luis G. Dato

How I Learned to Write Poetry I never took course in poetry writing, other than the prescribed courses in American and English Literature in high school and college. But I had written my early poems years before I took my college courses. By reading poems by Filipinos and by English, […]

What is love? / Ano an pagkamoot by Eden A. Avila

What is love? / Ano an pagkamoot by Eden A. Avila What is love?… A beautiful stirring of the young heart, a sudden glance, a smile, a gentle touch. The fast beating of the heart, the quickening of one’s gait to see one’s beloved. It’s the silence shared, forgetting the […]

Sarong Banggi and the dearth of mainstream Bicol songs

Sarong Banggi and the dearth of mainstream Bicol songs. Now added on the sidebar of the Bicol (House Journal) section only, is the unofficial regional Bicol romantic anthem Sarung Banggi (Sarung Bangui, Sarong Banggi) a reggae version by the band Mudflow from the town of Sto. Domingo in Albay province. […]

Re-introducing the musings of Luis G. Dato

Reintroducing the musings of Luis G. Dato We are so privileged to present some of the works of one of the early, maybe the right choice of word is pioneering, Bicolano poet and writer as personified by the consumate and dedicated muse-inspired Mr. Luis G. Dato himself. We consider him […]

Untitled Poem By Alexander Belone II

Can the choicest words and the harshest sounds provide power to a people long oppressed under the yoke of feudal and imperialist tyranny? Shall we not cast aside the broken pen that knows all terms and the paper pure prepared for lines? Shall we not transform angry words into moving […]


Nagpuli ako sa harong kan magurang, / Dara an kamera maretrato kan ogma, / Pinsan saka partidaryo nagsabat usyoso, / Kun siisay an iba dai ko na bistado. / Tano ta ngonian lang ika uminabot?

Simeon Ola, last general to surrender during Filipino-American war

During the recent commemoration of National Heroes Day, the “historians” in Malacanang had been very selective at naming personalities that figured during the Philippine campaign for independence. Generals Vicente Lukban and Vito Belarmino made it to the cut as the palace announced that a special set of 24 printable trading […]

The Poor Can Sing Off State of Poverty with Pride

Today we make an easy recall of the days when we were little. What came to mind was the classic and popular folk song of one about “our” small house. Some say the original version was in Tagalog entitled “Bahay Kubo” composed by Felipe de Leon: Bahay kubo kahit munti […]

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