Holy Wednesday Procession of La Porteria Parish

The religious and pious residents and tourists/visitors of Calabanga town move on to observe the Semana Santa now in midweek. This Wednesday will witness a spectacular yet solemn procession of the Santos and devotees.

The procession starts when the afternoon mass dismisses attendees toward the parochial grounds. From there the Catholic procession will roll on the streets of barangays San Francisco, a portion of Sta. Cruz, making a u-turn to San Pablo towards San Antonio.

The route continue to Del Carmen, Sta. Salud and San Vicente. Eventually, the long and winding procession return to San Antonio and back to the parish grounds. The activity runs for a duration of about three hours.

For Calabangueños who can not make it home, reminisce through our video offering here. This post we also dedicate to those who might find connection on this occasion or view this kind of activity for the first time.

Todate, the most wonderful opportunity that blessed the town of more than 73,000 residents is the presence of six Catholic parishes and churches strategically located and dispersed in the area. So that the religious activities are celebrated and replicated six times this holy week.

The parishes include that of Our Lady of La Porteria serving the urban center, Immaculate Concepcion of Quipayo, Divine Mercy of Paolbo, Holy Cross of Manguiring, the Black Nazarene of Binanuaanan Pequeño, and St. Peregrine of Laziosi in Sto. Domingo.

Also, we don’t forget here, that the shrine of the dead Christ (Santo Entierro) at Sta. Salud is one focal destination of many devotees that come from other places of the region and the Philippines.

These amateur video was produced for Cbanga360 production by Bob Adupe. Watch the same videos on the Cbanga360 You Tube channel on this link.


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