Heads up on effective growing of vegetables with houseplants

Heads-up on effective growing of vegetables with houseplants. Yes it is.

I will show how to at least grow small and manageable vegetables, or at the least spices, on potting soil. The objective is that the vegetables will grow side by side with the houseplants.

Just to give a working idea, I planted scallions and onions on pots with growing houseplants- fortune plants. The fortune plants are just starting so the small ‘visitors’ will have ample space to grow.

Smaller vegetables are ideal for cultivation which will become readily up for picking once matured.

I also planted some more scallions and onions together. I placed scallions and onions around aloe vera, but only while space allows. Eventually, aloe vera will become huge like the other one I have which occupies every inch of the pot with its long, big leaves already.

But mint plants can not share space with other small veggies as it will grow and spawn more roots in a short span of time. No way the pot it is planted can host another temporary plant.

I get my scallions from the market. The lower portion with the roots are the ones I use for planting and set aside the top leaves for cooking and smoothies. I clean most of the roots and let it stay upright on a container for a few days. I would sprinkle water so it will not dry but not too wet until new roots show up. When growth of roots are like one fourth of an inch, that is the good time for transplanting on soil.

About the garlic, plant as you wish. From a clove of garlic you can get a lot of small pieces to plant. I would soak it for a while and plant it the next day. That simple.

Watch the video on Cbanga360 Youtube channel HERE.

Or, maybe, below:


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