Duterte defends DENR Secretary Gina Lopez, belittles income from mining


This is the segment of the interview with the press in Malacanang of President Rodrigo Duterte on mining.

The transcript of that “conversation” follows below:

Second is mining, huwag ninyong anuhin si Gina Lopez by publicity. Hindi siya marunong…She is not an incompetent, she is a bright lady. And she is simply a crusader. Kayong mga minahan diyan, pati ‘yang Marcopper, hanggang ngayon hindi pa ninyo nalinis ‘yung dumi ninyo. I will not allow it.

You only give me 40 billion lahat kayo each year, I can do away with the 14. Sarahan ko kayong lahat. You obey or we will survive as a nation without you. Huwag ninyo akong anuhin…You try to castigate Gina Lopez for being strict and yet you destroy the land, destroy the soil.

Tapos yayaman kayo diyan. Kung ibang mga oligarchs, papartner-partner na kayong, kung sino-sino ang mga partner ninyong mga foreigners and you get rich at the expense of our native land. Do not do it. I will not allow it.

Forty (40) billion, I can forego with the 40 billion I collect from you guys and the Filipinos will survive without you. Either you follow strictly government standards or you close [down].

Lahat ng butas dito ng mga walang lisensiya, I will order the military and the police to close them. Kapag ayaw ninyong sumunod, ipapasok ko kayo doon sa butas, takpan ko kayo kasali. You want to try it, fine. Let’s do it. Eh butas kayo nang butas diyan, landslide nang landslide. Tapos sabihin ninyo mining is a critical component on the Philippine economy, of course it is, it’s income. But you are also making a critical damage.

  • Duterte defends DENR Secretary Gina Lopez, belittles income from mining


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