How I make sweet potato top leaves salad

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode, 8 Video 7

In this continuing series Danton makes use of kamote top leaves (fresh organic and very green top leaves of sweet potato, also known as talbos ng kamote or ugbos nin kamote) as the main ingredient of a healthy, almost raw, and very green salad.

In passing, he mentions that from the used kamote stalks, one can grow a new generation of sweet potato plants. The new seedlings are highly adaptable to local soil but can also grow on small pots, even as the plant needs more “crawling” space to grow and expand.



1 cup of organic, fresh green sweet potato top leaves. There are varieties with purple top leaves which is highly recommended
1/4 of medium size tomato, quartered/ sliced
1 teaspoon of garlic, sliced into strips
1/4 medium sweet red pepper, sliced into strips (hot pepper is okay, it will add a kick on the salad)
1/2 lime (or 2 pieces of lemon)


Wash thoroughly newly harvested sweet potato top leaves. Check out how Danton : wash fruits and vegetable on this link.

Blanche with boiled water and drain immediately, be careful not to cook the leaves. Place on a plate. Top it with prepared quartered tomato, sliced garlic and strips of red sweet pepper. Sprinkle with salt. Generously squeeze on top lime (or lemon). Consume.

The top leaves of sweet potato and the sweet potato root crop itself contain vitamins and minerals which include Vitamin A and Potassium, among others. So, who needs a genetically modified (GMO) rice when Pinoys can easily have it (Vitamin A) from kamote?

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