This is the transcript of the best green hack for making best potting soil mix

This is the transcript of “Best Green Hack for Making Best Potting Soil Mix” video on our Youtube channel.

Today, I’ll show you how I make my potting soil mix.

I’m using Peat Moss (or Sphagnum) and also I’m adding chicken manure.both of these I purchased from the local store.

As you see the regular potting soil is kind of made of dust and dirt.

I’m also adding the mixture I (previously) made a few weeks ago.

Now I’m using … for every one part of spagnum I also add one part of chicken manure and two parts of regular soil.

I was shooting this inside the garage but then I need light and I don’t hae the sufficient light to cover the filming so I have to pull back and …. outside the garage but then it’s too hot I just have to place the thing in between … outside the garage just enough for me get the lighting from the sun.

It’s really very hot (filming at noon time!!).

So now I’musing a small container to mix all this stuff.

As you see I have my gloves. This is the answer on the previous article posted a while ago about this video of what is our guy up to on this link.

Since I will be handling chicken manure I really need to use gloves.

I have to mix the soil …. with my hands. … have to do (add) little by little the soil, peat moss and the chicken manure, so it will spread out evenly.

I have to make sure that all three components will be mixed together.

And here I’m done with the mixing and have to transfer to the pots that I have. I intend to make a, to divide into four pots.

I think the mixture is just sufficient to cover (flll up) four pots.

I was able to use more than one half of the peat moss plus one third of the chicken manure for the soil that I used.

I (have) observed on my pots on my previous planters that the soil is always dry so i have to add peat moss because peat moss actually help the soil retain moisture which is ggod for the roots.

Even if I water the plant everyday, in the afternoon I have observed that the soil have become so dry sometimes there is (are) cracks in the surface of the soil. I’m just wodering the soil is not very good. So I have to add more manure and peat moss.

Now that we are done transferring I have to place some water and test if it will really retain moisture content and let these potting soil mix stay for about two days and then inspect and checkout if it really retained moisture before I transplant my vegetables.

So see you guys (next episode).

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