Watch Secret Revealed: How to prolong shelf life of Lemon, Kalamansi and Lime

Secret revealed. This is how to preserve or prolong the shelf life of lemon, kalamansi and lime!

Hey guys, today I will show how I prolong the shelf life of lemon. This method is also applicable to oranges and limes or similar fruit or vegetable when juice can be had for extraction.

I have here a good supply of fresh harvest of lemons given by a family friend. And since there is no way of consuming all these in a day or few days, no matter how I try, there is the possibility some will rot and go to the garbage can.

This method is one effective way to at least keep it fresh, ready for use, and handy, in any moment’s notice.

I’m cutting into halves the lemon and this task is quite overwhelming. But anyway, I have to do this because I want to and show you guys the end result of our effort.

I will be using knife, of course, cutting board, a plastic thing for squeezing manually the halved lemons, a funnel, a sift or sifter and a measuring cup.

It is not necessary that you use the same as mine as long as the job will be done, in case you do this thing in your own good time.

Now that I’m done with a quarter of the lemons, I start squeezing the halves.

I’m working my way one at a time and once the plastic squeezing container has enough content, I transfer it into the waiting cup with the sift over it.

Then I transfer the sifted juice to the bottle and fill it to the rim.

I will continue the process until I’m done with most of the halved lemons.

I use these handy bottles for everything when I need container for keeping fresh juice or at leat preserving for sometime, juice extracts.

I also used the same kind of bottles since I have got plenty of them, like for my hot and spicy vinegar mix, as an example.

And since it came with cork covers, the better and safer for me instead of using aluminum caps which may rust overtime.

Now I can keep my bottled lemon juice in the ref. I have been doing this for a long time now and have proven that shelf life of the juice is guaranteed to last so much longer. Most of the time, It could last more than two months, and the juice stays fresh and very handy for use.

But wait, I will also do something out of the juice extracted. I will show you guys.

I will distribute the juice evenly on an icecube maker and let it freeze for a few hours. I make sure that when I place the icecube maker inside the freezer, it will occupy the top most rack. Also, I make sure it will not share space with any other freezer item. Better still, cover the icecube maker while freezing.

Unlike freezing water for ice cubes, it takes less time to make frozen cubes of lemon juice.

So here, I have a ready ice cube from lemon juice which I will transfer into small freezer bags. Once done, I will return it into the freezer for safekeeping and ready for use.

That was easy. So guys, try this sometime, especially when you find yourselves with enough supply of lemon, lime or fruits which you can extract for juice. It will also save you some money, too.

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Until next time, thanks for viewing.

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