Watch How to Bore Hole on China Ceramic Mug

I am sharing here my first try at making holes on China-made ceramic cups and mugs.

Thanks to our surprise guest host Ger for showing us how to safely insert the 3/8 inch Diamond plus drill bit. The main tool I will be using for this project’s completion.

Thanks again for the helping hand Ger.

You are watching another episode and welcome to our channel.

I don’t have a cordless drill which was specifically recommended, so I opted to use the one available and making sure I operate it carefully and responsibly.

First step, I placed a used towel over our work table.

I show to our viewers again that I am using a Diamond plus drill bit. It is different from the regular drill bit for wood works. The end of this drillbit is hollow, specifically used to make holes on ceramics and related stuff.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I asked an expert on the project for today and this was specifically recommended for us. I received an assurance it will complete the task in flying colors and very productive as well.

The drill set I am using is powered by electricity, instead of one that is cordless and battery operated so I really made sure that no untoward incident will interfere in our undertaking up until the completion of our task..

I chose to present this video in full, un-abridged, and also unedited. In short, it will be presenting the real length of time as filmed, and it will cover the whole experience as well.

I am using old mugs which fortunately were just stored and stowed away for safekeeping.

I scratched the bottom as marker for the drill for pivot. I also made a provision for a standby and ready cup of water. After marking the bottom, I poured a small amount of water and off we go for the first drill of a ceramic mug of our life.

It would seem that it was hard to aim for the mark and hold the diamond drill tip steady. I have to add more force, and push to keep it on the mark. And yet, it keeps on drifting away far from the center.

This task needs more experience. I have to hold the drill on a tilted and slanting position so that the side of the drill tip touching the bottom will make the first scratch and dent.

Holding the drill on that position guarantees that the hole will be made and will not damage the mug. Once I felt there was a breakthrough, I started changing the position from tilted to directly pointing the tool straight down. Still making sure that I am pressing on it with steady hands. Notice at first how I handled the tool which made my hand shake and wobble at first.

Let’s look at the hole that I made on the old mug. I wiped clean the powder and bits of ceramics discard with a piece of paper towel so I can check if the hole is goo enough.. Not a perfect round hole, though. Still, it was good enough as a finished job done..

Now that I have bored a hole on my first China, the next one will be easy. That was what I thought so.

Well, the first experience was not enough. I will have to bore more china to gain enough experience. But at least, I have not broken any mug yet. And that made me feel good.

Starting this boring task is quite tricky. But once I gained traction of the tip making the drill steady and holding it away from drifting and swerving off target, the drilling becomes easy and quick.

For the record, it took me shorter time to do the job as compared to the first. What I need more is the practice at making the holes right on the center and not on the side. That may take some time, perhaps.

If you have come this far watching this video, thank you for the patience and time spent. I really appreciate that.

According to statistics, people watching youtube videos have a very short and limited span of attention. Unless this channel is like that of Sargon of Akkad, or Lauren Southern, or Tim Pool, or Black Pigeon Speaks, among all others I am a fan of.

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On my channel, visitors watch at an average of 3 and 54 seconds only. So that extending this video beyond that time is like aiming for the moon, as I know overwhelming majority will not get to this part of the video. And that is the main purpose why I over extended this post.

Some visitors do not even go beyond one minute and off they go to another video that interest them.

Do you know that even if this channel has over a thousand subscribers, to be approximate, now beyond one thousand four hundred already, it still get a measly view from them?

That is debunking finally the false pretense that small creators will help each other survive and grow. I was right after all on my first school of thought that creator-subscriber come primarily and mostly once to seek a following and after that, off they go and may never come back.

From January first 2018 up until April 30, 2018, or to be exact, the first four months of this year, our channel had a total of 480,657 watched time minutes with a channel average and actual watched view time of 3 minutes and fifty four seconds coming from 122,755 instance of visits.

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Until then, we are in a tough situation and rough sailing, always.

If you have gone this far and full watched this video, my heart is in full appreciation and for that, if you are a creator, I will forever be indebted for the watched time you spared and I will reciprocate it in more ways than one.

I am also posting a short version of this video containing only the discussion on subscriber view much later.

So, can you name at least one of my favorite content creators?

Thanks for watching and have a good day now.

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This whole experience was captured at 29.97 frames per second at 1920 x 1080 or 1080p. I made sure the editing process will not alter any of the recorded frames at all. We did this for for posterity reason. I was apprehensive I would be able to complete the task.]


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