I spied on Momma Hummingbird and found her secret!!

momma hummingbird nesting
I spied on Momma Hummingbird and confirmed her most kept secret.

Earlier I posted the return of hummingbirds nesting with a short pantomime of Momma Hummingbird. Here I enchanced a very sort clip of the video and made it larger for a clear viewing experience.

I originally planned to make a livestream stakeout of the Hummingbird on its nest and eventually scrapped the idea. So what I did was recorded a nine-hour uninterrupted video of the bird on its nest.

I was glad I did that and the very long video gave me a good insight of Momma Hummingbird’s habit of coming out leaving its nest and returning. I just assumed the tiny bird’s frequent flying were to get nourishment and pick here and there some spider web to streghten her nest.

The nine hour video revealed it would leave the nest in an interval that ranges between ten mintues (which is the shortest) to 30 minutes.

And when she leaves she is out for about one minute (the shortest) to 10 minutes.

The clips WERE edited to show my favorite selected events when the bird was going out or leaving the nest and then returning afterwards.

With the information it gave me an idea that I only have a minimum of all of one minute for my disposal to mount the camera from the window which WAS three meters apart from the twig where the Humminbird’s nest was attached and capture a footage. It was cramping my style and choice actually. I used a GoPro camera which was filming the moment I put extend the camera out of the window.

I made three attempts, making sure the spying operation will last no more than one minute.

And I was very careful not to disurb the small twig where the nest was attached.

There was one instance where I was just pulling away the camera when Momma Hummingbird was all ready to land on the nest.

While I DID NOT get a perfect footage the way I wanted it to be still I considered it a success.


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