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Watch How to Bore Hole on China Ceramic Mug

I am sharing here my first try at making holes on China-made ceramic cups and mugs. Thanks to our surprise guest host Ger for showing us how to safely insert the 3/8 inch Diamond plus drill bit. The main tool I will be using for this project’s completion. Thanks again […]

Watch How To Plant Echinopsis Cactus

I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Welcome and you are watching another feature episode coming right up. Hi, I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Actually it is more of rescue and propagation of a new generation of cactus. The new batch will rise like the unbeatable and proverbial phoenix from the overgrowth […]

Watch Ginger goes to heaven in springtime

Ginger appeared in our video productions which include green screen or chroma key tests. Uncomplaining, so cooperative and ever so patient during filmings. She love our walks at the backyard and spends time sniffing the grass and watch long stems and leaves of plants sway in the rhythm of the […]

Pooled Editorial: Speak Truth to Power, Keep Power in Check

RODRIGO R. Duterte’s presidency has altered and controlled the public discourse so radically in its favor in ways rude and bold. One tragic result: it has restricted and narrowed the celebrated freedom of the Philippine press and the people’s cherished right to know. Pooled Editorial: Speak Truth to Power, Keep […]

Watch the Autopsy of Ophiopogon Japonicus

I am conducting a thorough investigation on what really happened on my ophiopogon japonicus. (Also known in various but related names and references as Ophiopogon japonicus, dwarf lilyturf, mondograss, fountainplant, monkeygrass; Japanese dragon’s beard or snake’s beard is a species of Ophiopogon native to China, India, Japan, and Vietnam) Hi, […]

Watch How to Plant Beautiful Mini Roses

We just planted beautiful mini roses, red and pinkish. Here we share that experience so you may watch the video. We encountered another blunder while filming the video. Since we want to minimize the spill of potting soil on the working table, we used discard tabloids. It was only at […]

Watch A Crow Springs A Surprise

I should bring always a camera with me, even on unplanned sorties. I should bring always a camera with me, even on unplanned sorties. This I learned when I chanced upon one crow crossing my path. I long wanted to take a short video of the bird, but in our […]

Watch Yay! Finally 1.3K Subscribers and Thank You!

Cbanga360 inMotion channel in YouTube has breached the 1.3K subscription. We are full of thanks and appreciation to our subscribers and followers who helped us achieve another milestone in our video blogging journey. This is the second time that in a little over one month that the channel gathered 300 […]

Watch How We Got 1K Bananas from Youtube

We are sharing the simple experience of how we got 1,ooo yes 1K bananas from YouTube. So watch the video and learn how and why. Watch the video from our Cbanga60 inMotion channel on YouTube on this link here: HERE. or, Watch it below: [Video file fact: of “HOW WE […]

We celebrate and watch toddler rolls and tumbles in pure fun

We celebrate the 1,000 (1K) subscription attained by our Cbanga360.net inMotion YouTube channel! So here, we celebrate and share our footage of the happy boy so adorably making turns and tumbles enjoying his life with pure innocence. And we haven’t whispered to him yet that we have attained our minimum […]

What's Rising

P-Noy leaves for Korea commemorative meet on Dec. 11-12

MANILA, Dec. 8 — P-Noy leaves for Korea commemorative meet on Dec. 11-12. President Benigno S. Aquino III will be off to Busan to mark the ASEAN-Republic of Korea 25th anniversary commemorative summit on December 11 and 12. The Department of Foreign Affairs said President Aquino and other nine leaders […]


CASURECO II jacks up power rate

A local electric cooperative serving one of the largest coverage areas in terms of consumers in the province of Camarines Sur gears for a whopping increase in power rate charges. The Camarines Sur II electric cooperative will arbitrarily increase its rates from P11.50 per kilowatt hour in November to P15.30/kwh […]

Sorsogon NPA’s Declare Unilateral Ceasefire

The threat of eruption of Mt. Bulusan in Sorsogon and its possible challenges to the surrounding populace has one immediate positive effect, if we can qualify it as one. The provincial unit of the rebel movement in the province has made known their declaration of a unilateral suspension of offensive military operations (SOMO) in areas near the volcano.

Naga and CamSur Shows 2003 Earning Power

The province of Camarines Sur and the city of Naga lead the list of top earners in their category for three consecutive years of 2001, 2002 and 2003. The perennial seconders are Albay province and Legazpi city for the same reference periods.




I am a Filipino. I am a writer. Our tools are vigilance and memory

I am a Filipino. I am a writer. Our tools are vigilance and memory. A growing number of writers and journalists gathered their thoughts together for a united statement. And sharing here is the English only version, although it has a Tagalog translation. A MANIFESTO I am a Filipino writer. […]