Watch VP Robredo suavely slams government pandemic response

VP Leni Robredo
PH vice-President Leni Robredo shares 10 recommendations for government response to pandemic.

This is why many folks, including the downtrodden and the masses belonging to the so-called ‘laylayan’ have endeared the respect and adulation for the Philippine vice-President.

In yet another relevant and accurate assessment of the prevailing socio-economic condition of the country during the prevailing new normal, VP Leni Robredo minced no words and came out with 10 recommendations that is an earful and hurtful to the administration.

It must be true as the palace occupant squirms with a quick reaction, no less. It must be doubly hurting as the septuagenarian leader could be suffering too of the many physical ailments hounding his aging physique which needs more rest than ever.

Without further ado, let’s replay the messsage of Robredo:


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