Watch President Trump holds peaceful ‘MAGA’ RALLY at Pensacola Fl

US President Donald J. Trump hols peaceful Make america great Again campaign rally at Pensacola, Florida.

Watch US President Donald J. Trump returns to the campaign trail and his second stop for the day in the state of Florida.

The 74 year-old lleader is more energized after trouncing successfully his opponent in the second and last presidentail debate last night.

Trump managed to expose the hard and biting truth about his opponent which the mainstream media and social network sites tried very hard to conceal.

We should be hearing about that in his speech later.

This “Make America Great Again” campaign rally unfolds at ST Aerospace in Pensacola, Florida. The event will also feature other Republican canditates. This is part of our series of test on livestreaming capability.

This coverage will go live on or about 8:00 PM EDT Oct. 23, 2020

(This is part of our series of testing livestream capabilities and fine tuning.)


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