Bicol opens up under Covid-19 general community quarantine as Legazpi bishop shelves live masses

Bishop Joel Baylon
Bishop Joel Baylon of the Diocese of Legazpi in Albay. (File photo)

smileredunhappyAs Bicol opens up and brace for the implementation of the General Community Quarantine Guideline on May 1, 2020, some sectors voice either support or contradiction. For Bishop Joel Baylon of the Diocese of Legazpi restricting live masses in the Catholic churches in the province for the time being is the best option.

Positive reactions supporting the bishop’s view gave one an inkling that the population are okay with giving up their freedom, for a little longer. The reaction is a preview that people can be herded in their homes against their will when stalked with fear.

The fear of contracting the pandemic coronavirus from China which up to now has no found vaccine yet has gripped the ordinary people which is being taken advantage of by the government and its cohorts.

As a sidenote, the Catholic church will soon find it hard to attract live mass attendees if online masses will continue streaming even after the new normal has eased out.

Majority of the people grasp the lackluster and directionless handling and approach of the government during the early onslaught of the prevailing virus infections. The strong fear is reinforced by the fact that the country is ill prepared or has no ready playbook for eventualities on grave and life threatening occurences like the Wuhan coronavirus.

But government officials has never kept it a secret on the appetite of gobbling on public funds so that it remains to be seen how much of the money geared for social amelioration program were surreptitiously held back and pocketed for personal gain.

It did made sense that the prompt focused moves of Vice-President Leni Robredo’s office undaunted with limited financial capacity was able to enhance its capability in partnership with the private sector. The action not only offered a ray of hope to frontliners but totally diluted the sinister and otherwise mosquito-netted dilly-dallying stance of Malacanang.

Today provincial and local executives who found a good following and adulation thru their social media accounts race for ‘pogi-points’ from the Palace informing constituents about their support for the new normal:

We are tempted to repost the highly informative and educational video below so one can get a good grip of the situation:

(Original video posted was quickly deleted by Youtube after garnering over 5M views. Watch this before it’s again deleted for the same reason of ‘thought crime’) :

And this is the concluding part: Update May 1, 2020- Sorry, again deleted for ‘thought crime!’

But what do you know, the truth will set us free:


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