Senator Poe visits PhilRice for rice paddy art

By the looks of it, Senator Grace Poe enjoys her visit of the rice paddy art in the farms of Philippine Rice Research Institute at the Science City of Munoz in Nueva Ecija.

No, Senator Grace Poe is not about to ride a green flying carpet.

The lady solon has this photo op taken at the ‘rice paddy’ in Barangay Maligaya in the Science City of Munoz in Nueva Ecija province.

Looking closely now, it would seem that foot padding is well placed to protect the senator’s shoes or part of it from getting smirched with mud or dirt, otherwise, she would have just stood on the ground sans wet soil or whatever.

Senator Poe traveled to Central Luzon to witness herself the fleeting rice paddy art which somehow claim featured the faces of actors Fernando Poe, Jr. and Coco Martin, both having portrayed the main character of “Ang Probinsyano” (movie for Poe, and TV series for Martin).

The rice paddy art, which is part of the Philippine Rice Research Institute’s FutureRice project fetured the purple rice variety used for the art. It is available for viewing until May 14.

The five-hectare farm where the rice paddy is located also showcases clean energy facilities, drone technology, advanced farm machines, and an experimental field that demonstrates hybrid, inbred, and traditional rice varieties.

PhilRice maintain laboratories which house the genebank, molecular laboratory, rice chemistry and food science, among others.