China issues fake news with Lego video to counter Trump assertions

CCP uses Lego for defense
And then, the word war continue between USA and the Chinese Communist Party on the Wuhan coronavirus .

smileredunhappyThe word war between China and the USA has no sign of cooling down. The financially well-oiled propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Party is elevating its response to fever pitch against the narratives of President Donald Trump.

The CCP media blitz has launched an animated video using LEGO on Twitter in various countries where it has an embassy. Below is the French posting:

The state media propaganda this time is titled ‘Once Upon a Virus.’ Which is the Wuhan coronavirus or WHO-named Covid19:

It highlights the ridiculous gall of mocking The Donald with his claim of China whitewashing truth during the early onslaught of the virus.

The propaganda even used Lego figurine with the Statue of Liberty ‘comic-like’ dialogue talk against a weird Chinese warrior with bow (reminds us of the terracotta army man of long ago) together with doctors and health personnel on the other side.

Pushing further, it was followed with this:

The attempt of the CCP prop machine did not go un-answered. It received a barrage of replies contradicting the lies:

Interesting enough, the Lego company in its attempt at avoiding being embroiled in between quickly issued the statement: “We weren’t involved in making the animation in any way. As a toy company, we’re focusing on bringing play to children and families,” clearly ducking from any backlash.

It remains to be seen to what extent the word war can escalate. The World Health Organization, the western mainstream media and talking heads can not cover forever for lying CCP.

NB. If people are attentive to the goings-on on the coverage of pandemic new coronavirus 2019 (Covid19), this issuance of China to contradict the Trumper view uses the wrong context and distorted timeline to suit their purpose.


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