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Watch the Autopsy of Ophiopogon Japonicus

I am conducting a thorough investigation on what really happened on my ophiopogon japonicus. (Also known in various but related names and references as Ophiopogon japonicus, dwarf lilyturf, mondograss, fountainplant, monkeygrass; Japanese dragon’s beard or snake’s beard is a species of Ophiopogon native to China, India, Japan, and Vietnam) Hi, […]

Watch How to Plant Beautiful Mini Roses

We just planted beautiful mini roses, red and pinkish. Here we share that experience so you may watch the video. We encountered another blunder while filming the video. Since we want to minimize the spill of potting soil on the working table, we used discard tabloids. It was only at […]

Watch A Crow Springs A Surprise

I should bring always a camera with me, even on unplanned sorties. I should bring always a camera with me, even on unplanned sorties. This I learned when I chanced upon one crow crossing my path. I long wanted to take a short video of the bird, but in our […]

Watch Yay! Finally 1.3K Subscribers and Thank You!

Cbanga360 inMotion channel in YouTube has breached the 1.3K subscription. We are full of thanks and appreciation to our subscribers and followers who helped us achieve another milestone in our video blogging journey. This is the second time that in a little over one month that the channel gathered 300 […]

Watch How We Got 1K Bananas from Youtube

We are sharing the simple experience of how we got 1,ooo yes 1K bananas from YouTube. So watch the video and learn how and why. Watch the video from our Cbanga60 inMotion channel on YouTube on this link here: HERE. or, Watch it below: [Video file fact: of “HOW WE […]

We celebrate and watch toddler rolls and tumbles in pure fun

We celebrate the 1,000 (1K) subscription attained by our Cbanga360.net inMotion YouTube channel! So here, we celebrate and share our footage of the happy boy so adorably making turns and tumbles enjoying his life with pure innocence. And we haven’t whispered to him yet that we have attained our minimum […]

Watch unboxing of new Logitech webcam c615

Watch Unboxing new Logitech C615 HD webcam We are adding another peripheral device, a must have, for our HP Windows 10 desktop. Here, we are unboxing the product. The new must have small gadget is a webcam, a product of Logitech. In the box it says the item was imported […]

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GSIS opens emergency loans for pensioners in areas hit by Typhoon Yolanda

BACOLOD CITY, Nov. 19 (PNA) — The state pension fund Government Service Insurance System is opening a window for emergency loans for its pensioners from the areas devastated by super typhoon “Yolanda,” including Negros Occidental, its chairman Daniel Lacson Jr. announced Tuesday. The EML for pensioners facility is being rushed […]



Run, Robredo, Run

In a small gathering, my home buddies were discussing the frenzy in politics hereabout. And one of the topic was Camarines Sur 3rd district representative Atty. Leni Robredo. It is common knowledge that the good congresswoman has no plan to run for a higher elective post, for the moment, other […]


Orchids Mark Our First Year

The orchids bloom this time at our sister’s Legazpi frontyard are remarkable. Her residence with a certain degree of elevation due to the hillside location of the housing district gives ample growth area for the aerial plants.

Here are the Oscar 2016 winners, DiCaprio is best actor

The Oscars Awards for 2016 is done. And the long list of winners is here. It is the night of Leonardo DiCaprio who at last, won the best actor after the many nominations in the past years he was sidelined. Earlier, the actor also won the Best Actor in Golden […]

This robot is seen to enter the workforce in the future

This robot is seen to enter the workforce in the future. There now exist a robot that is most-human-like, reports Ruptly online. It is powered by software similar to Apple’s Siri. The robot was developed by scientists of the Nanyang technological University in Singapore. It is named Nadine after Professor […]

Cebu Pacific totally bans loading hoverboards

The fear of hoverboard catching fire, primarily caused by its batteries, is catching up in the country. We mean, because of the isolated news on ‘accidental’ fires caused by an hoverboard, that is, low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific said Monday that all battery-operated personal transportation devices, such as hoverboards, will be […]

Security in NAIA on heightened alert for back to school rush

MANILA — The “laglag-bala” dented Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will implement a heightened alert status until June 20 as passengers using public transportation are expected to increase in time for the opening of classes. MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado said that the airport is ready to accommodate students […]