PH Losing Grip as Text Messaging Capital of the World

Texting is an expensive hobby, yet the phenomena has engulfed even elementary school-age kids, with the approval and consent of the parents.

Many Pinoys feel a sense of pride upon learning that the Philippines has been acknowledged the text messaging capital of the world in the past years. It is of no wonder since in one household, almost all members of the family that can read and write, therefore can text, have a cellphone for the purpose.

Consider this:
* PH users sent over 1.39 billion text in the reference year of 2009.
* India which has 220 million cell phone users sent more than 1 billion for the same period (Definitely will surpass PH soon).
* A single PH subscriber sends an average of 600 text messages per month.
* Pinoys send 43% more than SMS users of the US.
* Mobile phone providers stockholders/owners realize an ROI so enticing.
* Average Pinoy user spend more on cell phone loads on a regular basis than buying pan de sal (bread roll) for breakfast at the local bakery store.
* Many would rather text their time away wherever they are, or go.
* Ambulant vendors and the homeless boy living under the Quiapo (Manila) bridge has a cell phone.

But the SMS market is on the verge of a phenomenal change. Fast forward today, the title could be in jeopardy as PH users are turning to social networking sites for messaging instead. The presumption was based on:
* PH telecom companies’ report that SMS messages have been on decline on the year that just ended, with lower traffic than expected during the immediately past Christmas holidays- a traditional peak period for SMS messaging based on previous years.
* People now use online social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter over cell phone for texting.
* Users find social networking online convenient, cost efficient and very accessible.

At downtown Calabanga, one hour of usage at the internet cafe costs between P20 to P25. Many opt to avail of the facility for those who don’t have computer and online connection in their homes.

Still many consider (SMS) has a profound advantage over other platforms being more secure, personal and handy for users are not stuck on a chair staring the computer screen. Also, messages received can readily be answered at the flip of a phone.

We will make a rejoinder on this on future post. Meanwhile, we are announcing (posting) tomorrow a simple contest.

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