Trump campaign hits Joe Biden taking a knee for violence and riots

US President Donald J. Trump
US President Donald J. Trump

The Trump campaign for reelection has released series of ads highlighting Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden’s weak response to violence and rioting in America’s major cities.

These major cities experiencing riots and violence are mostly under the helm of Democrat mayors.

There are two versions released, one for Kenosha, Wisconsin and another for Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both cities are experiencing or have experienced violence, looting and destruction of private and commercial establishments.

Both adds show a masked Biden taking a knee. A violent footage of riot and burning plays on the background.

The former VP took a knee sometime in May when he visited Black Lives Matter in support of protestors in Wilmington, Delaware. It was there he promised to “lead the conversation” on issues of race.

The ad version below is titled “Lawless – Kenosha, Wisconsin”

The second ad is about “Lawless – Minneapolis, Minnesota”

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