Watch LIVE: US President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Moon Township, PA

US President Donald J. Trump
President Donald J. Trump in campaign rally.

Featuring here another peaceful campaign rally of US President Trump, this time in Moon Township of Pennsylvania.

Observers expect more are bound to attend this gathering as the township is within the outskirts of Pittsburg. Previous campaign rallies are held farther from urban centers and around the airport area and yet managed to attract a huge turnout of thousands of attendees.

Expect the re-electionist 45th US President and official Republican candidate espousing Make America Great Again battlecry echo the goals and achievements of his administration.

That should include the recent positive outcome of negotiated peace deal initiative in Middle East which resulted in an agreement between the states of Israel and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

It is engaging watching the Donald in his best form.

This coverage brought to you be Right Side Broadcasting Network which make it a point to start the stream many hours before the actual event that viewers are given so much opportunity to experience the prevailing crowd ‘atmosphere.’

Also included for redundancy is the livestream from the Donald’s channel below which more often only covers the main event, the actual speech of the president.

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