The Hummingbird return to star in our video

The smallest bird in the world returns, star in video.

For the nth time, one of the smallest species of bird returns in the neighborhood. And it is nesting right in the tree near the window. So cool gave me the chance to take longer footages of its coming and going to its nest.

Last year, it was too late before I found out the presence of a nesting Hummingbird (HB). The hatchling(s) may have matured and flown away before I located the nest which was right before the small twig near the window.

Watch the previous video below:

Read more about the video above on this link: HERE.

This new video also presents a quick comparison of the old nest which is still stuck on the twig and the nest when first discovered last year. It is amazing that it can remain securely attached on the twig for more than a year, long after the mother HB and its baby HBs have long been gone.

The opening of this video also presents the new HB neighbor showing its fluttering with a distinct “clapping” sound as it made a pantomime on the air. I suggest using headphone, much recommended with a noise cancelling feature, to listen to the sound.

And since the bird is so “tiny” you might want to watch the video in full screen, better yet, a bigger screen, I’m using 28-inch. But nvm, just watch in full screen of your notebook or pc. <:)

How I wish rendering the opening in a clear slow motion but unfortunately, the HB appeared in a spur of the moment and footage was taken with a Gopro at 30fps only. I was totally unprepared. The rest of the video on this film was captured with the Sony FDR AX53 at 60fps which was not needed at all.

In some portions of the video, also captured were the chirping sounds of some other birds other than HBs as they fluttered or perched nearby. Again, use a headphone to listen to the chirps.

The presence of many Hummingbirds fluttering on the tree confirmed my hunch that they are back and will be around for sometime. I don’t have any idea how many pairs may have located on the tree and the neighboring trees. So far, this particular HB which located near the window was even hard to find if scanning the outside in a passing gaze. The bird is intelligent that it uses the big leaves to camouflage its presence.

Find the film footage on Cbanga360 Youtube channel and also shared below:

I am planning to stream live coverage of the nesting Hummingbird if our current video equipments are sufficient to deliver the task, if, and only if, after our initial test shows the feasibility. And of course, the last IF, is that IF it will not scare the bird at all, which is of paramount importance.

And finally, this is also a celebration as Cbanga360 inMotion Youtube channel marking the milestone of 3.2K+ subscribers and a channel view of 683K+. Thanks.

UPDATE on the plan to livestream the nesting Hummingbird (May 8, 2020):

Initial video test confirmed that it can be done between 8AM and before 12 noon only when the sun’s rays do not directly point to the direction of the Hummingbird nest.

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