I cooked canned green jackfruit with canned coconut cream!

fresh from the can jgreen jackfruit
I tested cooking canned green jackfruit on canned coconut cream.

I am cooking green jackfruit on coconut cream milk. But instead of using fresh or newly sliced harvest of green jackfruit, I will be using canned green jackfruit. I am also using canned coconut cream milk. These two ingredients I can easily purchase in the market guaranteed fresh, but with the current pandemic, I opted to use the canned products for convenience.

I strive to stay safe and staying indoor is one step ahead of the game. I also urge you to do the same and only go out of your residence if and when it is very necessary or urgent.

Join me in this test cooking with ingredients fresh from the can. And I will have to find out if it is a good substitute of the fresh produce.

I usually start off with the cooconut cream and let it simmer before I start adding the ingridients. But today is a departure from my regular cooking of vegetables using coconut milk, I start off with a spoon or so of olive oil on the pot. When it starts to simmer, drop off the garlic and let it brown then add the onion. And another departure from cooking with coconut milk this time, all other ingredients will just follow instead of being first like the shrimp and the sausage. And the rest you have to watch as this video will get a good edit for much shorter than the actual cooking time.

The result of our test is not that different from that when using fresh jacfruit cooked with fresh coconut milk. But canned jackfruits are preserved and soaked on brine which has to be wahsed off and drained much earlier. But anyways, I already mentioned that there is the absence of oily appearance and texture of the cooked jackfruit.

Other than that the taste is almost the same as with regular fresh jackfruit cooked on freshly made coconut milk. Will I cook again canned jackfruit on canned coconut cream. The answer to that is a qualified yes. During current and prevailing atmosphere and times like the one we are right now, yes I will. But I would prefer coooking and using fresh and unprocessed vegetables when they are readily available.


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