Livestream test 2: Sharing a Trump campaign rally in Erie, PA

US President Donald J. Trump
US President Donlad J. Trump introduce new vaccine czar.

The second live stream test covers a peaceful massive rally of US President Donald Trump in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The pressure took hold of most of our nerve. On this livestream test episode, tbere was a lull of about 46 or so minutes (so this post has been prepositioned to start in the 46-minute portion) .

We went live earlier than expected and the screen was just filled with a fixed photo. And RMT ID sucks with live sound and monitor both playing and streamed live. A technical mistake.And that sound was awful. (and As we went along, discovered the need to act fast and quick. Maybe next time? Please bear with us, will you?

Watching this? Remember to advance or slide the play button way up to 46 minutes.


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