Focus on the Black Sand Mining in Albay

Black sand mining in Albay province
Sharing here short clip evidence of Black sand mining in the province of Albay

The province of Albay seems to have forgotten the lessons of Rapu-rapu.

The open pit mining that ravaged the island, is part of the municipality with the same name in the province.

In the end, the residents barely had benefit from the windfall profit from the mined gold, nickel, zinc and other minerals.

At some times, the run-off of chemicals into the ocean caused fish kills. The man-made lake atop the island is now the site and source of poisonous minerals.

All that was left was a scarred ugly face of an island which used to have verdant landscape. But the scar will remain on the island and the residents who got sick related to exposure from the chemicals and still threatens them like the proverbial “sword of Damocles” up to this writing.

Just in case it interest you, take a look at the mines in the country seen from high above (satellite) and see landscape view to appreciate its ill effects on the environment as well.

Postscript: If you viewed the referenced link, the man-made lakes created for the mines pose hazard to human health..


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