Pope Francis presides over the way of the cross procession with doctors and nurses on empty square

Pope Francis
Pope Francis celebrates the way of the crows on near empty square with doctors and nurses.

The current threat and presence of the deadly Chinese coronavirus was not a hindrance for most of practicing or devout Catholics (whichever you are on this side of the spectrum?) worldwide in observance of the most holiest days in their calendar year.

Masses and rites became centered online offered by focus groups, private organizations, parish or diocese. There is no dearth of resource as long as one has access to internet connection.

But even before the present predicament, the Holy See has for years been streaming the services online, which is no different on this week’s programs. The stark contrast is the absence of the usual devout crowd.

  • Update: Pope Francis commemorates, presides over the Way of the Cross on near empty venue with a handful of nurses and doctors:
  • Update: Pope Francis commemorates the Passion of the Lord:

And since there is strict observance of social distancing, we saw processions decimated in the country with one or two images (santos) atop :

And how we miss the year’s past processions filled with warm bodies, interacting and following images representing ‘santos’ during a live tableau down the streets, like the one below:


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