US President Donald Trump launches ‘Operation Warp Speeds’ on crash-coronavirus vaccine effort

US President Donald J. Trump
US President Donlad J. Trump introduce new vaccine czar.

Watch as US President Donald J. Trump presents his initiative at development of immediate coronavirus vaccine.

The new “Vaccine Czar” is General is Gustave Perna, director of the Army Materiel Command, who will serve as chief operating officer of the reassuringly-named OWS (you can tell Trump came up with the name himself). Administration officials have billed the effort as a “Manhattan Project”-style push (and not the only one, to boot) intended to quicken development of a vaccine. Former GSK exec Moncef Slaoui is expected to be named as a senior adviser to the project.

“I think we’re going to have a vaccine by the end of the year, and I think distribution will take place almost simultaneously because we’ve geared up the military,” Trump told reporters Thursday.


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