Spooky Image Scares Online Class

spooky image goosebumps online class
Light and shadow, optical illusion, objects nearby and its surroundings, can project and create a blurry image when captured by built in camera of a computer notebook.

I was wondering if light and shadow, optical illusion, objects nearby and its surroundings, can project and contribute to the ‘creation” of a reflection of a blurry image when captured by built in camera of a computer notebook. I am sharing this as I myself do not have the best answer.

My sister brought to my attention a very short video. I then attempted to color correct, grade and enhanced some portions of the clip. I also recorded still shots while playing the short video for so many times.

During her online class, she brought fright to her students. Not because she meant it to be but it just so happened.

While she was on her scheduled facetime this week with students, delivering the online lesson during the current new normal in pandemic, at some moments of the class, her notebook camera captured a weird image as part of her background.

She confided that at first she also saw the image on the hour between 8 and 9 of the morning reflected on her computer screen. But she didn’t mind it at all.

She assumed that it could be the wierd image created by the reflection or arrangement of her bags which was just cleaned and rearranged earlier. Busy as she was, she put to rest the thought about the image reflecting on her monitor.

As she went on with her class, around half the hour of 10 in the morning, the students became fully and already aware of the presence of the weird image on the background of their teacher showing on their respective cellphones and computers.

Students attend their online classes using cellphones or computers at their respective homes. Instead of concentrating on their class, the students became jittery and uncomfortable.

One of the student recorded a portion of the scene and gave her a copy. That is the same copy I am sharing here which I recorded thru facebook. Unfortunately, the resolution of the video is so grainy and what you see here is the best I can reproduce.

I color corrected some portion and also applied the blur efffect only on my sister’s face.

I am not a professional in the field of color correction, color grading or analyzing this kind of film effect. And I know this is the best I can do.

I don’t want to make any conclusion about the weird image. I tend to believe that somehow, the position of the computer’s built-in camera, which I supposed is not that equipped to capture the background in high resolution may have worked in favor of composing the image.

I started editing this video at night but I felt some discomfort so I decided to finish it on daytime.

Please Watch the video below:

But then again, you viewing this short video can make own conclusion. What do you think caused or created the weird image captured by an unfocused camera? Let me know on your comments. Thanks for checking this out.

(PS.: After watching the finished video for so many times, I finally found the answer and figured it out. Hope you find out what I found out !!!)

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