THROWBACK: These are the top 25 posts of our site

This month of April, we mark the birthday of this site. So that as part of that celebration, we are happy to share the top 25 stories and posts that garnered the top most views through the years, up to now.

Going over these posts, we were surprised for the simple reason that topics or subjects presented and happened to gather so much viewership are in various categories.

Also, many of these are so forgotten already, up until now.

We missed the pioneering days when social media helped a lot in the distribution of our content, more specifically Facebook. But that has changed 180 degrees now.

Our content could barely reach enough audience with the current algorithm by Google. And Facebook has placed an imaginary stopper to our reach unless we go ahead and fall trap to its constant offer of advertising tool.

1. AdeN U Grad Tops Nursing Board
views 268,311

2. Brutal Mamasapano massacre video becomes viral in social media
views 120,226

3. Albay Province Brace the Prospect of Electric Power Disconnection on Monday
views 108,063

4. The Fifteen Bicol Martyrs of 1897
views 70,601

5. Small Town Lottery Out, PCSO Loterya ng Bayan In
views 68,194

6. The Wealthiest Families in the Philippines
views 65,721

7. Mt. Isarog, The Majestic
views 61,102

8. DTI-PSB Releases List of Erring Forwarders and Consolidators
views 57,543

9. The Majestic Mayon Volcano in Albay
views 50,832

10. The Parish Church of Divine Mercy in Paolbo
views 49,977

11. Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption
views 49,150

12. By the Ricefield
views 48,920

13. La Porteria Church Gets Roof Renovation
views 48,686

14. The Bubbling Water of Lake Nag-Aso in Manito
views 47,449

15. Easter Beer Plaza Fund Raising at the Octagon
views 46,209

16. A Bird’s-Eye View of Calabanga
views 40,674

17. Rompeolas: Where the Waves Cavort
views 39,724

18. Is it Quo Vadis, Mount Isarog?
views 39,469

19. West Philippine Sea, Kalayaan, Scarborough, Miangas, Sabah, Etc.
views 39,325

20. Quitting Time at the Public Market
views 38,139

21. Butterfly shrub-tree proven medicinal value on diabetics, kidney and urinary ailments
views 36,850

22. A Peek of the Balongay Sky
views 36,544

23. Water World
views 36,260

24. Majorettes Amaze Crowd at Calabanga 2010 Parade
views 35,709

25. The Bicol Language, Part 1/ An Lenguahe kan Bicol, Parte 1
views 35,268

[Editor’s Note: After converting the site from “http” to “https” all likes and shares by and from facebook was “erased” we had difficulty recovering the historical numbers. It would seem it was never posted or shared on the social media.]


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