Watch Russia unveils new generation MIG-35 fighter jet

Russian Defense Ministry unveils new MIG-35 fighter jet. Screen capture from video.
Russian Defense Ministry unveils new MIG-35 fighter jet. Screen capture from video.

Russia has just unveiled its most advanced lightweight MIG-35 fighters in a stunning video with demonstration of the jet capabiliities.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said, “At the moment, the aircraft are in full swing being tested by experts of the State Flight Test Center of the Ministry and the MiG Corporation.”

They have already evaluated the performance of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons systems, as well as elements of avionics equipment. In the active phase of checks is a comprehensive management system. During the flights, the aircraft check for aerodynamic stability and maneuverability characteristics.”

The footage released by the ministry, showed the MIG-35s making sharp turns while still ascending. The fighters are currently on flight tests, was seen taking off the runway and rapidly gaining altitude.

Reports claim the fighter jet has been designed to potentially carry laser weapons. While there is no confirmation of the report the jet can be equipped with any existing types of air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions.

One feature of the figther include a strike radius of 1,000 km (620 miles). It can stay on flight for twice as long as previous generation fighters. That is if the second pilot’s seat is replaced with an extra fuel tank.

The MIG-35 can detect and track up to 30 airborne targets at a distance of up to 160km (100 miles) and hit six airborne and four ground targets at once.

It is expecred to enter into service by 2020 and take over previous generation of jets in the Russian Air Force.


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