DTI-PSB Releases List of Erring Forwarders and Consolidators

Atlas Shippers International is a popular cargo forwarder. It is not subject to sanction by the PSB-DTI.
Atlas Shippers International is a popular cargo forwarder. It is not subject to sanction by the PSB-DTI.

The Philippine Shippers’ Bureau (PSB) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on Friday (October 12, 2012), released a complete list of blacklisted Philippine agents and freight forwarders doing business in the country and elsewhere. The agency was effectively warning Overseas Foreign Workers and their consignees in the country not to do business with freight forwarding companies not accredited with DTI-PSB.

DTI-PSB formally identified the unaccredited companies that were issued formal charges and are subject of complaints pertaining to balikbayan boxes as 2Go Express, Inc., Aerosend, Alas Cargo Philippines, Associated Consolidation Express (ACE), Dausan International Forwarder, FACF Parcel Delivery, FRS Philippine Freight Services, Inc., International Cargo Forwarder, J.J. Transglobal Brokerage, Mail Plus Cargo Carriers, Manila Broker, Maru Cargo Logistics Philippines, R&M Cargo Services, Rodah Cargo Manila, South Atlantic Cargo, Inc., Trico International Forwarding (Phils) Inc., and, VCG Customs Brokerage.

The Philippine Shippers Bureau also advised OFWs to stop doing business with the following foreign principals/ cargo consolidators for reports of undelivered balikbayan boxes and other violations under PSB Administrative Order No. 6 series of 2005: United Arab Emirates (UAE): Al Rodah Marine Cargo, Cityline Cargo, Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services, Express Link Cargo Services, Smooth Express.

United States of America (USA): AAA Cargo Express Inc., ABS-CBN Star Kargo, Aerosend, Alas Cargo, Associated Consolidations Express (ACE Cargo), FRS Philippine Freight Services, Inc., Shipping Express, South Atlantic Cargo. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): Cargo Net Worldwide Services formerly FAL-World Express Cargo, Fil Asia Cargo Forwarders Philippines, Global Cargo, RJM Freight, WRJ Freight Forwarders (A Division of Al-Zagel Cargo), North and South Express Cargo.

Singapore: Hagibis Express Pte. Ltd., Maru Cargo Logistics (s) LLP.; Ireland: Maharlika Enterprise Cargo Services, SCRL Cargo. Other countries: Bayanihan Express in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Dausan International Forwarder in Australia; Ford Cargo Internationaal (FCI) in Hongkong; Trico International in Cyprus.

The DTI was very specific in its warning to OFWs and their consignees to further refrain from doing business with some freight forwarding companies accredited by DTI-PSB. The following accredited companies were issued Show Cause Orders by the DTI-PSB and are subject of complaints pertaining to balikbayan boxes: D’ Winner Logistics Philippines, Inc., LCSN Express Movers, Inc., MC Plus, Inc., Transtech Global Philippines, Inc., Wide-Wide World Express Corp.

12 thoughts on “DTI-PSB Releases List of Erring Forwarders and Consolidators”

  1. hi my fiancee in Philippine’s watched about this in the news and to let me know about it she search this site..

    so now that there is the block listed cargo corporations and services..
    what should i use then?
    can you somehow suggest what are the safest and the surest cargo services to be used? how can i know if they were accredited by DTI-PSB..

    im planning send my gifts to my fiancee before christmass and this is my first time sending.. i dont want it to be ruined.. please thank you.

    1. @anonymous:
      (1) To further check Legal and Accredited (Balikbayan) Forwarders, please visit the website of the Department of Trade and Industry at http://WWW.DTI.GOV.PH where you can search the listings.

      (2) For consignees in the Philippines who have not received their packages from freight forwarders, they may contact DTI (632-751-3330) or go to the PSB office: (Office of the Director) Philippine Shippers’ Bureau, 2/F Trade and Industry Bldg., 361 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati City, Tel. No.: (+632) 751.3304/751.0384 loc. 2212 or 2213

      (3) Would you rather reveal your name than being anonymous? There’s nothing to hide, fear or whatever.

    2. send your stuff early because during this season, most cargoes are delayed, by air or by sea.. and ask the agent first if it will arrive there on time or at least before christmas and expect 30-60%.

  2. To all consignees,
    please ask your relatives, friends or families who send you the cargo to verify the status of the cargo sent from the forwarders if it has already left the sea port or air port (origin) before you make any legal action/ complain to any government agency and media. As of now, almost all of the sea cargo from different forwarders here in Dammam, Khobar and other eastern provinces in the Kingdom are stocked in Dammam port that causes the delay of the shipments since the start of Ramadan for some reasons that we don’t know.. All your complains will result more delay to your expected cargo because the broker or agency responsible to receive the shipments are blacklisted by the DTI-PSB, which means nobody will pull out your cargo from the Customs.. Please, we need your cooperation and understanding regarding the delay of all your cargoes.

    Thank you and sorry for the delay…

    1. So it is advisable shippers/OFWs send balikbayan box earlier and not wait for crunch time. Also, your suggestion is well taken.

  3. Expect the unexpected during peak seasons (esp. Christmas season) and Islamic holidays (Ramadan/ Hajj), where most of the people who are in-charge at the port are lazy during their holiday. So we advise all shippers and their consignees to please verify first the status from their agent if the cargo already left the port. The agent has the access to the website of the shipping co. to track the status and location of the shipment.

  4. i want to know if this express cargo is legal and in government list of shipping packages and safe?? is this an active and safe shipping company to use. this is the contck numbre and adres of the company branch in manila ! pls. do check!

    <--- Philippines Branch Office Mr Smith Walker 57 Pasay Road info@kabxexpresscargo.com mobile: +63.9267194881--->

    1. The Department of Trade and Industry-Philippine Shippers Bureau maintains in their office an updated (current) list of accredited forwarders and shippers in good standing. The agency also monitors erring parties with consumer complaints. It is best to contact them about your query. The best rule of thumb is to rely only on accredited, never suspended, no complaint filed by previous customers, vs. forwarders and balikbayan box carriers. It is best for OFWs and expats to have their relatives here in the Philippines to check out first, than be sorry.

  5. Hi, is there a way to know if GP Express in UAE is on the list of DTI-PSB as Foreign consolidator? coz their name not blacklisted? How can I get a list of approved foreign balikbayan cargo than is safe. Salamat

    1. @Gym Garcia: It is best to know who/what is the name of the counterpart company of GP Express in the Philippines.

      Have checked the most current list in DTI and below are unaccredited and unlicensed freight forwarders in UAE: (1) Al Rodah Marine Cargo (Rodah Cargo Manila); (2) Cityline Cargo (VCG Customs Brokerage).

      Freight forwarders under watch list (1) Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services;
      (2) Express Link Cargo Services, (3) Smooth Express.

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